Friday, January 30, 2009

We're only No. 3 on favorite-city list?!!!

This was the headline on an article in the Seattle Times yesterday. I wondered the same thing, since in my experience Seattle is a great place to live. We were beat out by Denver and San Diego. The article suggests some possible reasons, and it does mention the average of (only) 58 sunny days per year that we enjoy... Truly, I didn't know it was that low! Can you say bumbershoot?!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is a bumbershoot?

Main Entry: bum·ber·shoot
Pronunciation: \ˈbəm-bər-ˌshüt\
Date: circa 1896. American.
Function: noun. Singular: bumbershoot Plural: bumbershoots

Etymology: bumber- (alteration of umbr- in umbrella) + -shoot (alteration of -chute in parachute)

1. A whimsical term for an umbrella. "It smells like rain. Perhaps we should take along a bumbershoot."

2. Seattle's major music festival held every Labor Day.

3. A place to find hand crafted items inspired by/created in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. "Bumbershoot Designs."