Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge and New Ad

I'm an avid reader of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine (as well as Quilting Arts) and so I am really excited that our very first print ad will be in Cloth Paper Scissors (CPS) in the upcoming September/October 2009 issue. It should be on the stands any moment. Look for it - Bumbershoot Supplies with the green umbrella.

If you get the "Embellishments" email from CPS, then you know that one of the current reader challenges is to create a mixed media Sailor's Valentine. I decided to participate in this challenge in my own way through creating two mixed media inspiration kits, or collections if you will, around the theme of Victorian sailors and the women who loved them. These collections include some items usually available at Bumbershoot Supplies and other items available exclusively in the kits. Always limited editions, usually one of a kind, I hope these kits fire your imagination and afford an opportunity to sample some of the wonderful vintage materials that are available for mixed media art. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about the CPS Sailor's Valentine Reader Challenge, click on the hyperlink.

Here are the kits, also see the photo above:

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