Friday, August 26, 2011

Featured Artist: Lena Duncan of Big Ass Bindis on Etsy

Check out these wonderful bindis created by Lena Duncan of Big Ass Bindis on Etsy.
What’s a bindi? Lena says “The bindi is one of the most beautiful and unusual forms of body decoration. Considered a symbol of Parvati, (Lord Shiva's wife), a bindi signifies female energy.
The bindi is traditionally worn between the eyebrows, over the sixth chakra known as the 'agna', the seat of concealed wisdom.
In the Western World, the bindi has evolved into a unique fashion statement and has become an essential finishing touch to Tribal Bellydance costuming.”
How do you wear a bindi? Again, from Lena: “Mounted on a sturdy vinyl backing, it can be adhered with eyelash adhesive, although spirit gum is recommended. With proper care, your Big Ass Bindi can be used many, many times.”
Lena creates these beautiful works of art using beautiful metal filigrees and decorative elements, coupled with glass cabochons, rhinestones and embellishments, including some from Bumbershoot Supplies, which is how I learned of her work.
After all, who wouldn’t check out a shop with the name “Big Ass Bindis”? Now it’s your turn! I hope you will head over to Lena's shop to be inspired by her beautiful designs. 
Maybe even treat yourself to a bindi or two.
Because "bigger IS better"!

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