Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: The New Kimono. From Vintage Style to Everyday Chic

I’m including this book, The New Kimono. From Vintage Style to Everyday Chic, in the list of design inspiration resources on the Bumbershoot Supplies webpage “On Our Bookshelf”, even though it does not specifically refer to jewelry or vintage costume jewelry materials because I LOVE this book!

This book is about wearing vintage kimonos with a modern sensibility and it is one of the most inspiring, creative and fun books I’ve enjoyed in a long time. It is a collection of magazine articles from Nanao Magazine, one of Japan's leading contemporary kimono publications. Translated into English and beautifully photographed, I find myself drooling over the gorgeous vintage kimono fabrics and inspired by how vintage patterns, fabrics and accessories are combined for a fresh contemporary look. Many jewelry designers who work with vintage materials share this goal of creating fresh pieces using vintage materials, and for this reason alone may find this book of interest.  Book details can be found on, here. For other books that may be of interest, see On Our Bookshelf on the Bumbershoot Supplies website.

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