Saturday, October 5, 2013

Book Review: Liberace Extravaganza!

Our latest addition to our bookshelf came about when we purchased thousands of vintage rhinestones from long time Las Vegas costumer Jan Jewett. She and Connie Furr Soloman wrote this book, Liberace Extravaganza! and Jan was kind enough to provide us with a signed copy.
Authorized by the Liberace Foundation, this book explores not only Liberace's life story, but the people and clothes that helped him craft his signature image. In fact, you might want to skip to the back of the book when you first get your hands on it. It is there you will find spectacular full page close ups of his costumes, organized by the decade during which the costume was created and worn. Thousands and thousands of rhinestones, sequins, glass and acrylic pearls, seed beads, mirrored cabochons, and crystal beads adorn everything from boots to lace cuffs.
Once you're done oohing and aahing, be sure to go back to the beginning of the book and read about the lives of the people who made it all happen.
Similar to when we visited Mary Wilson's Supremes costume exhibit, it is exciting to see some of the beautiful items we stock at Bumbershoot Supplies in action in these outlandishly marvelous clothes. This book is a phenomenal inspiration for anyone who loves costuming or beading or who just loves rhinestones, glitter and glam.

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