Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Featured Artist: Jhone of Persephone on Etsy

Our latest featured artist is the fabulous Jhone, Propriatrix of Persephone, who makes "pretty things for weird women".
Jhone's designs caught my eye because of their strategic use of images and delightful, intricately detailed mixture of materials.

Several of her designs are inspired by famous persons and artists. There are pieces that feature famous queens, such as Elixabeth I and Marie Antoinette, poets like Edgar Allan Poe and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and pieces featuring famous masterpieces like John Singer Sargent's Madame X.

 Jhone says, "Obsessed with archetypes and tales, my jewelry tells stories." Whether you're looking at a pair of earrings or a brooch the story is always there. See these fabulous steampunk pieces, below.

Jhone also makes beautiful floral earrings. The pair below perfectly captures a couple of luscious fuchsia blossoms at their peak, reminding me of sunshine and warmer days.
We recommend you check out PersephonePlus! You may find a story that speaks to you, or even a story that you'll want to share with someone else.


  1. Thank you so much...This is beautiful.

  2. Jhone and her work have touched many people. She is a truly beautiful person who is forever in my heart. J.