Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Featured Artist: Mandy Kallal of Jewelry4Reenactors

Our latest featured artist is Mandy Kallal of Jewelry4Reenactors!
Mandy's designs are unique because they draw on her years of experience as a Civil War reenactor and have been specially crafted to be period correct.

Mandy loves the Victorian era and many of her designs are inspired by pieces from that time. Her extensive research can been seen in each one of her handcrafted pieces and by her attention to detail.  

Mandy uses materials like coral and mother of pearl, as featured in this brooch and earring set, as they were very popular materials during the Victorian era. 

These bracelets are designed around Victorian mourning jewelry. Often incorporating jet black glass or onyx, these pieces would be worn for years after a loved one's death. This design features an old daguerreotype which was a fairly new technology at the time. 

Mandy's beautiful designs have delicately detailed filigrees which would surely look lovely to wear whether you are going to a Civil War ball or a modern day event. 

We hope you'll enjoy a visit over to Mandy's website (and also check out her Etsy shop too), to be inspired by her designs and their unique histories. Any one of her special pieces would make a great gift for someone who was interested in history, or just beautiful jewelry!


  1. I happen to own many pieces fashioned by Mandy and can attest to the quality and workmanship. The mourning bracelets she made were for me and the photo of the soldier was actually a real photograph of a real person, not just a randomly selected photograph. If you want the crowing touch to your historically accurate ensemble, you owe it to yourself to check out her site and pay proper homage to history!

  2. Mandy does great work! Over this last year she has outfitted me with a great supply of jewelry as well as having made a piece for a friend of mine. The most special is a brooch that she made special for a dress that I am working on for the coming year.