Monday, July 28, 2014

Featured Artist: Debbie Lynch of ChicMaddiesBoutique on Etsy

Our latest featured artist is the very talented Debbie Lynch of ChicMaddiesBoutique! Debbie's work draws on her childhood memories and her love of color and vintage to inspire her designs. 

Debbie's designs incorporate vintage jewelry components as focal elements. She often mixes design elements to create new and stunning jewelry. 

Debbie is very skilled in her use of color to enrich her designs. Her work doesn't shy away from bright colors, and this often heightens the emotion of her designs, like this cheerful sunny yellow bracelet. 

Debbie is also a master at contrasting and complimenting textures, as she demonstrates in this necklace with its contrasting faceted labradorite chain. 

Be sure to check out Debbie's shop! It's simply overflowing with unique pieces that bring together old and new and tell the most colorful stories.

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