Monday, September 29, 2014

Featured Artist: Jennifer Strong of Nevertoomuchglitter on Etsy

Bumbershoot Supplies' latest featured artist is Jennifer Strong of Nevertoomuchglitter! Nevertoomuchglitter (or NTMG for short) is a boutique full of wonderful glittery handmade nail art. Each design is original and made by hand, some featuring vintage rhinestones and cabochons, and all of them are nice and sparkly.

The styles at NTMG range from simple to encrusted with tiny crystals and are made for many different occasions. Here are some of the Halloween designs, for more, check out Jen's website Gothic Nail Art, the Halloween section is here:

And even if you don't like glittery nails there is something at NTMG for you! There are intricately hand painted nails. Here are some that have been painted in ukiyo-e motifs:

There is a wealth of information on designs and a sneak peek at the behind the scenes process at the Nevertoomuchglitter blog. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in nail art or in Japanese culture and design.

Head on over to the Nevertoomuchglitter shop, you'll be sure to find a fun addition to your look for any occasion. And remember you really never can have too much glitter!

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