Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured Artist. Stephania Dapolla of le Petit Foyer and Stephmel

Let us begin the 2012 series of featured artists inspired by the multi-talented artist Stephania Dapolla of Athens, Greece.

And I definitely mean multi-talented! Stephania has 2 Etsy shops, le Petite Foyer for her jewelry designs…

…and Stephmel where she makes available her fine art photography and original paintings. 

Stephania says her jewelry designs are “…an eclectic collection of vintage inspired handcrafted jewelry, which combines old and new elements, colours and styles in a romantic and whimsical way…made in small series or are one of a kind, with love, special care and quality materials, vintage and antique gems or ethnic findings…”

I know you will also enjoy discovering Stephania’s dreamy and evocative art photography, which to me is poetry in picture form.  

Stephania’s photography has been featured on the blog Photographers of Etsy, interviewed by Steve Raley of PhotoGrunt, where she talked extensively about her work, saying in part, “…I try to hear the whispers from the past and to read the old stories hidden behind the locked doors. I am very happy to hear someone saying that in one of my photos they recognized even vaguely a moment or feeling from their own personal history…”  You can read the full interview here.   

Stephania does bring together her photography and jewelry designs, such as in this lovely necklace.

A person who incorporates art throughout her life, Stephania also paints and restores religious icons in the many ancient churches in Greece. To learn more about Stephania, check out this blog feature.

I hope you will enjoy visiting le Petite Foyer and Stephmel to view Stephania’s art and designs!


  1. Thank you for this lovely feature on my work! I feel so honoured.
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  2. Wonderful and deserved feature for a great and talented artist, i love her works and both shops!

  3. The dreamy art photography is fabulous and I love the way she has incorporated it into her jewelry. Thank you for sharing her story and work!

  4. Absolutely well-deserved, Stephania! Your style is unique and recognizable.I wish you success with both your shops.