Friday, June 11, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. New Vintage Glass Beads, Cabochons and Yes More Roses

We have some very pretty new glass beads to offer at Bumbershoot Supplies this week, including these lovely vintage 1940's Czech lipstick red watch beads, already distressed and antiqued.  For a bracelet I designed with these beads, see my blog post "Time Flies" here. There will be several new vintage and antique Czech glass beads at Bumbershoot Supplies in the coming days.

And from Japan, some gorgeous "simulated pearls" in a champagne color with a rainbow iridescence on the glass. This special effect doesn't show up as well as I'd like in the photos, but these are really pretty beads, just like bubbles. I love the teardrop shape on an embedded wire since the point of the teardrop is so fine and precise.

Again, back to the lipstick red, we have some small vintage glass buckles, a very versatile size and shape for all kinds of jewelry and mixed media applications. I've put these ones in with the vintage beads, since they are of a smaller size, but there are other vintage glass buckles in the vintage sequins, trims section of Bumbershoot Supplies.

One of the new glass cabochons listed this week is truly spectacular. These vintage glass hearts are some of the loveliest glass cabochons that I have ever seen. The color of these is so soft and romantic, the surface ridges add depth and interest, and the glass is gorgeous.  These GLOW! These are very, very pretty vintage West German glass cabochons.  

And finally, more 1950's vintage plastic flower cabochons from Japan, in the vintage plastic cabochons section.  These ones are in a glossy coral plastic, perfect for this time of year and thinking ahead to fall designs. 

Finally, I'd like to be sure you know about the giveaway we're doing with our newsletter subscribers. We're giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of them! Everyone who has signed up for the Bumbershoot newsletter by midnight Pacific time on June 30 is eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to Bumbershoot Designs or Bumbershoot Supplies. See all the details here in this blog post, and if you are interested, you can sign up for our newsletter here.  Winner announced July 1, 2010.

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