Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featured Artist: Lori Morse of BeJeweledNH on Etsy

I'm very happy to share with you the work of Lori Morse of BeJeweledNH on Etsy.  Just look at this ring! I love how Lori has layered the tiny light sapphire moonstone-like glass leaves in this design, and how her photograph captures the light that is in this glass.  

As you may know, my roots are in mixed media, and therefore Bumbershoot Supplies stocks a lot of really small vintage glass cabochons and rhinestones that can be used for all kinds of art applications.  The wee bits, like these vintage jade glass leaves, are some of my favorites and I am always interested in seeing the diverse uses to which they are put.

Lori often uses filigree, lucite or metal, to beautifully enhance and complement these tiny vintage glass treasures.  Lori's pieces are one-of-a-kind, so you have the thrill of knowing you are wearing a unique work of art. 

Lori's work is diverse, she also enjoys working with larger vintage glass, such as the incredible vitrail rainbow starburst vintage glass cabochon featured in this cuff bracelet.

I know from my conversations with Lori that she is committed to quality in her pieces and also to providing her customers with a great shopping experience.  I hope you will consider a visit to BeJeweledNH, for inspiration and more.  Tell Lori that Sharon at Bumbershoot sent you :)


  1. I have had the pleasure of indulging in Lori's works of art. Her pieces are truly unique and worthy of attention.

  2. I am fortunate enough to have many pieces of Lori's jewelry. Her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are unique and I always get compliments from friends and co-workers. When I'm looking for something new, I check out her Etsy page and I'm never disappointed. I'm so excited to see her recognized in this blog and even more thrilled to see some new rings added to her collection. I'll be purchasing one of those soon enough. Keep up the great work Lori!