Saturday, January 1, 2011

Featured Artist. Marcy Bourgeois of Eclectic Orchid on Etsy

How exciting! It is my pleasure to share with you the work of Marcy Bourgeois of Eclectic Orchid on Etsy, our first featured artist for 2011.
When Marcy ordered some of our vintage brass stamping discs, I was interested to see how she was using them, especially since I am personally interested in incorporating more metal stamping in my 2011 designs.

Marcy is hand stamping vintage brass discs and turning them into lovely feminine and romantic necklaces.
It is so fun to see vintage brass discs used in this contemporary way - they are a wonderful alternative to sterling silver stamping blanks.

In addition to the hand stamped designs, Marcy offers many jewelry pieces that showcase vintage jewels and components in lovely wearable art designs.

Upon visiting Eclectic Orchid, I also learned that Marcy is a woman of many artistic talents. She also offers her photography fine art prints in her second  Etsy shop, Bellawonderella.

By sharing her diverse talents, Marcy's work reminds me to explore and follow my creativity wherever it may lead me.
I hope you will consider a visit to Eclectic Orchid or Bellawonderella, or both :) for an inspirational start to an art-filled new year!

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  1. Exquisite stary night!!! Oh to have that kind of creativity. It must be wonderful. Beverly