Sunday, January 16, 2011

Featured Artist. Susan Evans of Hydrangea Afternoon

When you find yourself counting and packaging up hundreds of tiny rhinestones for a customer, sometimes you’ve just got to know what she’s doing with them :) That is the case for me, at least, and I’m glad I asked, because that is how I learned about Susan Evans of Hydrangea Afternoon.

I'll be honest, the reason I stock tiny vintage flat back rhinestones and smaller cabochons at Bumbershoot Supplies is because I like to use them in my own paper, fiber, mixed media projects. So it is with recognition and delight I share with you Susan’s cards and mixed media pieces.

Susan makes one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cards, journals, sketch books, note cards, bookmarks, mixed media collages and assemblages, and she has been exploring the use of tiny 4mm vintage Czech and West German glass rhinestones, as well as other types of vintage glass cabochons.

I’m including some holiday pieces in this overview of Susan’s work because I am in awe of the time involved in adhering all these tiny stones in these designs, and so you can see how Susan’s vintage approach in these pieces has provided a wonderful showcase for these old glass jewels.

But as you can see, Susan works in a variety of styles and the rhinestones do too. Notice the vintage Japanese opaline heart cabochon in the piece below. You may not be able to see it, but the visual texture of the heart complements the pattern of the dress.

It's hard to decide, but I think the one below might be my favorite. I love the creative use of the glass teardrop cabochon as the bird’s wing and I love how it magnifies the sheet music underneath. Plus, after a week or more of very grey Seattle days, these colors vibrate :)

As you move into a new year of art making, I hope you will consider a trip to Hydrangea Afternoon for a splash of inspiration. Plus, Susan is such a friendly and positive soul, you will find her a true pleasure to chat with. Enjoy your visit!

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  1. I am totally loving this site. So happy to have found it. Need to wait a bit but I will be playing with your beauties soon. Beverly