Friday, February 4, 2011

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. Vintage Glass Pearl Bead Drops and French Metal Sequins

It is very late.
There are many new items at Bumbershoot Supplies this week, but this post will be short.
I'm behind because I played hooky for a few hours today
to make some necklaces and earrings.
You know, sometimes you've just got to get away from everything and create.
So for today, I'm going to share 3 splendid items that are newly listed at Bumbershoot Supplies.

These champagne bead drops, beautifully aged teardrops....

These absolutely incredibly rainbow golden ivory drops, out of the original packaging from Japan...

And oh happy day, restocked vintage French metal sequins, shown above also. Haven't had these in stock since April of 2010!

Going to knock off for the day now, wishing you all a great weekend!

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