Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featured Artist Update: Stacey Yacula of Stacey Yacula Studio

I'm so happy to see one of our past featured artists, Stacey Yacula of Stacey Yacula Studio featured in this recent issue of Art Doll Quarterly.
And guess what – her work is on the cover!

Stacey talks a bit more about this piece on her blog, here.

  I first blogged about Stacey's art here. Stacey’s success as a cover girl does not surprise me :)  I am a great admirer of Stacey’s ability to translate special moments in everyday life into 2- and 3-dimensions through her illustrations and sculptures.  I am so glad to see Stacey’s work being made available for so many people to enjoy.

In a new addition to her Etsy shop, Stacey is now offering custom cards, where you can choose the sentiment for the card, allowing you to personalize her cards to fit your occasion. I am watching the mailbox every day for my own cards and tags, which should arrive any time now. I can’t wait!

To keep up to date with her new sculptures, illustrations, cards and designs, you can visit Stacey’s blog and her Etsy shop.
Congratulations, Stacey!

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  1. Thank you! Thank you Sharon! for this wonderful feature!