Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look What I Found. Inez Dawson's Edwardian Scrapbook

Isn't she a beauty?

This is a scrapbook crammed full to bursting with memorabilia collected by Inez Dawson, later Inez Barnes. I don't know if this photo is of Inez or someone she knew.

The book appears to be an abandoned nursing notebook, reused for this purpose.  It begins with nursing notes dated 1901, but quickly these notes end and then the materials are pasted into the book in lots, with the dates skipping around a bit, from 1898 through 1906, as if Inez decided one day to finally collect together in one place all those mementos she had stashed away over the years. 

There are several treasures within this scrapbook, and I have barely dipped into it.  There is so much to discover, it's like an archaeological dig. 

 I'll share some of my finds here, and we will also make digital versions of some of the ephemera available to our newsletter subscribers.

Inez's scrapbook and a cup of tea - perfect to curl up with on a rainy Seattle day.

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  1. wow! what an amazing find. i can just imagine the discoveries you will be making about Inez!