Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Babies and Cupcakes

I am getting ready to celebrate a very important day for me, the anniversary of the day I became a mother.  My darling daughter Emma turns 17 tomorrow. We knew Emma was special right from the beginning, there were all kinds of unusual events associated with her coming into this world. On top of everything, she was a breech baby that could not be turned (oh yes, they tried, they really tried!) and was born by C-section on the date of our choice, a date we thought was entirely suitable to all the rarities we had experienced with her, Friday May 13, 1994.  Needless to say, 13 is a favorite number for us :)

With Eric, camping out. Yes, her hair is still that curly.

Emma is spending most of her birthday in tech rehearsal for a play in which she is performing,  so Jim made dozens of cupcakes today for Emma's cast and crew. I had fun sprinkling all kinds of candies on top.  I love the colors against the vanilla buttercream frosting, so joyful and fresh, the essence of spring and of children and of many happy memories. I will make her favorite cheesecake this afternoon, and we will be busy wrappng and decorating later today. During all these preparations, I hold in my awareness an appreciation of just how blessed I am.

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  1. i am sure with moments like this you wonder where the time has gone! Congrats on your baby's birthday and you relishing in all that motherhood has brought. You are very blessed indeed!