Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faye Fuller: mountains, bloomers and chocolate

This is Faye Fuller, the woman to climb Mount Rainier (14,441 feet). She made the climb in 1890 when she was 20 years old. This photo comes from a book called "More Than Petticoats. Remarkable Washington Women" by LE Bragg, a book with fascinating stories about women in Pacific Northwest history. The photo shows Faye modeling what she wore to summit "the mountain". At the time, there was quite a lot of discussion about her “immodest” climbing attire. Faye seemed to take it all in stride. Faye's description of the mechanics of climbing Rainier over 100 years ago is mesmerizing. At one point she mentions that she put chocolates in the pockets of her blouse for ready snacks. "I put a good supply of chocolate in those pockets. You can imagine what happened when the sun came out hot on my back." Faye left hairpins at the summit.

You probably can't see it, but in my copy of the photo, if I look very closely, I can almost see earrings in her ears. That got me thinking, what kind of earrings would a proper young lady of 1890 wear to summit Mount Rainier?

Perhaps these?

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