Thursday, March 5, 2009

A good week so far

It has been an exciting and full week so far, a flurry of activity associated with getting our designs listed on Etsy, doing inventory in preparation for the supplies store, processing purchases for customers (yay!) and continuing to create new lovelies for the shop.

As part of my inventory process, I finally opened up a package of vintage pearls I'd purchased a while ago. Whoa! I had to STOP EVERYTHING and play with these beauties. These are the kind of treasures that make you gasp when you open them up. All the way from the 1940's, vintage Japanese, in a lustrous, creamy champagne color. Perfectly preserved, even after all these years. They are a larger size, 12 mm, and seem to really suit this dramatic presentation. Emma thought they looked like opera-going earrings, so we named them Wagner, after the Seattle Opera's production of Wagner's The Ring, which will occur again this August. The Ring is one of opera's rarest and biggest events, and "rare" and "big" seemed to describe these vintage pearls quite well.

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