Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inventory: keeping track of "the pretties"

Since my last post, and now that Bumbershoot Designs is open, I have been working hard to pull together all the supplies we have on hand already and that we have ordered for Bumbershoot Supplies, our companion store to open soon on Etsy. (Above, 1940's tiny coral sequins from Japan).

I had been keeping a rough sort of inventory of incoming items for my own purposes. But then I came across a great resource from another Etsy seller, Barbara at OldWaysPastPieces. Barbara put together a document called "Income, Inventory and Expenses for Merchandisers, Artists and Handcrafters". She offers the document as a PDF file, so I was able to have a permanent electronic copy of the document very quickly. The information in this document was invaluable. I reworked my spreadsheets and charts now I am confident I am tracking "in" and "out" in a way that will make sense for my internal purposes as well as for tax purposes. I have 2 large shipments of "pretties" arriving in the next day or two, and I'm ready!
(Below, celedon green vintage sequins from France).

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