Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop update and we are now on Artfire

Well, it's been busy since I posted last week.

1. Six new designs are in the Etsy shop, a total of 62 items currently, and remember to check the sold items too, since many of these are available, just not yet relisted.

2. I've photographed and written descriptions for over 100 items for the supply store, I expect it will open this weekend. There really are some lovely items - I am so thrilled to be a channel for these gorgeous vintage materials. I have learned it takes some time to get items loaded into an online shop, so keep watching over time, there's lots of neat stuff!

3. I scored a Spring Showcase spot on Etsy on April 3, so Bumbershoot Designs will be featured that day, have a look! Look for the "Showcases" at the top of the Etsy main page.

4. We've just opened our second storefront on,, and I'm slowly loading items into that store. We will be hosting designs and supplies shops in both places, Etsy and Artfire. Artfire is an up-and-coming handcrafted, vintage and supply marketplace and we're glad to be a part of it. The one big advantage to Artfire that I can see for our customers is that you don't have to open an account or register to purchase. As all the shops open, you'll see them as direct links on the side of the blog. Also, Artfire will link selected items from the store directly to the blog, so I will be able to feature items directly here. Nifty!

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