Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Children. Mixed Media Monday

There must be some strange synergy going on.  Some time ago, I chose a Monday in Seattle photo featuring vintage children (who happen to be all "in a row", the theme for this week's Think Monday - Think ATC). Last Friday's Art Creations Friday challenge featured an image with 2 vintage children, I invite you to see my piece here.  And the theme for Mixed Media Monday this week - you guessed it - "vintage children". 

For this ATC, I've used molding paste to obtain the background texture and movement, with painting and foiling over top. The figures, vintage woman and girl, are a sticker of a Mary Cassatt painting that I trimmed. 


  1. Beautiful! I love the texture that the molding paste gives the background.

  2. Okay, so I first of all,,Love your card..it's beautiful, and I like that, "dance like no one is watching!' great job!

    secondly! guess what came in the mail today????? your stuff!!! it's all here, I love it! thanks so very much...my husband was like, is that how small that thread is supposed to be? lol tooo funny!!! can't wait to use it, but I know I'll cut my finger up with the small hook! oh well...we all suffer for our art, right!

    ciao bella

  3. Oh, simply beautiful, indeed!!!
    And how perfect for the MMM challenge--bravo!

  4. What a great background, when i enlarged the image!

  5. Your card is sooo pretty!! love the background!!