Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Featured Artist. Amy Griffith of ThirtySixTen on Etsy

I hope someone out there is paying attention :) because this ring is on my Christmas wish list...

I adore this ring by Amy Griffith of ThirtySixTen on Etsy. It is made of sterling silver, with a vintage mother of pearl button from Bumbershoot Supplies.  Multiple buttons are available, but this flower button is my favorite.  Hint, hint...

If the ring is not available, I've also put this necklace on my wish list too...
Hand worked sterling silver is so special because even if the design is the same, you can see the hand of the artist in each piece, so each and every piece is truly unique. That final touch, the sterling thread, really speaks to me.

In fact, there are any number of gorgeous items in Amy's shop that I could be very happy with. This ring features one of Bumbershoot Supplies' rose quartz vintage glass scarabs, it just glows.

And doesn't this necklace make you feel happy just to look at it?

Many of Amy's designs feature vintage components, but Amy also offers many charming designs featuring gorgeous, non vintage gemstones and ceramics as well as designs that are all sterling.  This sterling necklace is beautiful and feminine, I could see wearing it all the time. 

And these dainty earrings look beautiful on - Amy shows photos of these in the ear so you can judge their size.

It's not too soon to start talking with Amy about your holiday shopping. 
Rings are sized to fit, so it can take a week or two to complete your order. And then you will have a piece made just for you or someone special.

I encourage you to visit ThirtySixTen.  You may also like to have a look at Amy's blog.  I subscribe to the RSS feed to her blog, and I enjoy reading about her designs from the initial ideas to the final product.  If you do visit ThirtySixTen, you will friendly service, beautifully photographed, fabulous designs, and much inspiration.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Definitely adding this artist pieces to my wish list!