Thursday, September 2, 2010

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest. A Sensory Treat

It's officially still summer, but it already feels like autumn here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm originally from southern Ontario, and fall in Seattle is quite a different experience. I find it starts sooner - I already see lots of yellow and falling leaves in my walks around Discovery Park.

Fall here is a bit softer, visually and in terms of temperatures, not the abundant blazing colors of my Canadian past, but still beautiful, and continuing along its mild path, right through late November's American Thanksgiving. And fall is delicious, with the harvest coming in from both Western and Eastern Wasington and the best apples all year round available right now.
Not to mention the flowers...

On Etsy, MrKittysSoapShop curated this lovely treasury celebrating the magic that is autumn in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm thrilled my "Seattle's Bluest Skies" bracelet from Bumbershoot Designs was included.  This is a truly Seattle-inspired design, for more about this jewelry design, see this blog post. And the sky in Seattle today is just exactly this shade of blue...

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