Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Featured Artist. Beatriz Alegría of Le Boudoir Vintage

It is with pleasure I share with you the work of Bea Alegria of Le Boudoir Vintage blog and store. Bea is a journalist from Spain.  She is also an artist.

I enjoy featuring artists from outside of North America, and we love shipping supplies from Bumbershoot Supplies to countries all over the world.  Art is a connecting thread, a common language. Regardless of what I hear or think I understand about another place or country, I now know for sure that there are crafts people, artisans, artists everywhere, doing exactly the same thing as me, working to make art and have art as a presence in their lives. 
It doesn't matter what language is on the blog or the online store, I can still enjoy the story an artist's work tells.

In addition to being an artist and a journalist, Bea is also clearly a romantic.  Many of her designs explore the romance that is Paris.  If you visit her blog and her store, you will see exactly what I mean. 

But the larger overarching theme of her work is to reflect the concept of the vintage boudoir.  Here is what she says:
A boudoir is usually defined as a "little room exquisitely and elegantly decorated for the exclusive use of women, who would retire to this apartment when they desired to be alone or to share a bit of their time with people with whom they shared a certain intimacy".

Can someone tell me when women stopped having boudoirs?  Does anyone out there have a boudoir? What a FABULOUS concept! Even the word itself is fabulous! I want one! We must bring it back! 
I'm going to see if I can turn my studio into a boudoir...

This theme of intimacy with a vintage flair is reflected in how Bea presents her art in her blog and her online store, each piece a little vignette and digital collage.

I hope you will enjoy a trip to Le Boudoir Vintage blog and Le Boudoir Vintage store to see Bea's work. There is a contact page on Bea's store, don't hesitate to use it to ask any questions you may have.  Bea is a delightful person, and although located in Spain, her English is perfect, as I know from the many communications we've exchanged.  Enjoy your visit, and tell her Sharon from Bumbershoot Supplies sent you!

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