Friday, September 17, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. 27 Gorgeous Additions, Vintage Metal, Glass Cabochons, Beads, Millinery

Here's an update on new items at Bumbershoot Supplies.
Since September 1, we have added 27 new and restocked 13 items!
We have been working to expand our offerings of vintage metal, so you'll see a lot of new metals at Bumbershoot Supplies. I've also reorganized the store categories once more, as we begin to stock settings to match our rhinestones and cabochons.
We'll stock as many vintage settings as we can find. In addition, we have also ordered settings for both pointed and flat back rhinestones and cabochons in an antiqued brass finish. We expect a selection to be available by the end of the month, along with some new and spectacular rhinestones. These high quality antiqued brass settings are made in the United States, antiqued for us, using no lead or nickel in either the settings or the antiquing process. Stay tuned! Now, onto a selection of our new items...

Here are some of the new settings we have available. I'm showing these with cabochons, actions shots, if you will :) The filigree is not really a setting, but I was inspired by our featured artist Jeanne van Etten, who has made some lovely necklaces using these cabochons and similar filigrees. The antiqued silver is an example of the new settings en route to us, the filigree and fancy bezel are vintage...
Antiqued Silver Vintage Style Setting Bezel for 25x18 Cabochon, Trinity Brass set0024.2 (2)
Vintage Brass Setting. Fancy Bezel for 12x8mm Cabochon, vfd0125 (4)
Vintage Brass Stamping. Filigree Connector 35mm Round vfd0126 (2)

We have some new and lovely vintage glass, including yet another vintage Japanese glass pearl, this one a twisted leaf with an embedded wire loop. I was really excited to find these amethyst sew ons, dating to 1939-1945, with the most wonderful original packaging from the "Czecho-Protectorate-Germany". You'll find a photo of the packaging included in the listing. The robin's egg blue cabochons are vintage Japanese, just gorgeous...
Vintage Glass Cabochons. Turquoise Blue Matrix Round 25mm Czech gcb0272 (2)
Vintage Glass Pearl Bead Drops Ivory Leaf Twist, Embedded Wire Loops vgp0101 (6)
Vintage Glass Beads. Amethyst Sew On Jewels, Czech 10mm vgb0227 (10)

As are these 3 new vintage Japanese glass cabochons, all from 1940's to 1950's Japan...
Vintage Glass Flower Cabochon. Rose Pink Carved Flower, Paisley Comma 19x11mm gcb0270 (6)
Vintage Glass Flower Cabochon, Cobalt Blue Carved Flowers 18mm Round gcb0269 (4)
Vintage Glass Flower Cabochon. Jade Green Carved Flower, Paisley Comma 19x11mm gcb0271 (6)

These are a few new and romantic additions to our vintage metals...
Vintage Brass Stamping. Heart Bow Pendant Charm Finding 30x22mm vfd0127 (4)
Vintage Brass Open Heart Connector Charm Filigree 10x8mm vfd0133 (12)
Vintage Metal Cabochon. Roses on Black Enamel Tile, Pink Purple Green 23x16mm vfd0131 (2)

And finally, some additions to our millinery and trims. The fabric lily of the valley are available in 4 lovely colors, the gorgeous vintage beaded leaf appliques are from Japan, with original tags on the back, and the wing sequins are beautiful, big bits of vintage France...
Vintage French Sequins, Angel Wings Paillettes, White Rainbow, sqs0019 (8)
Vintage Green Millinery Flower Fabric Lily of the Valley Cotton Linen Stem Bunch vml0012 (2)
Vintage Beaded Applique. Silver Leaf, New Old Stock Japan vml0014 (1)
I invite you to come on over to Bumbershoot Supplies and have a look at all these new vintage treasures
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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