Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look What I Found. Vintage Beaded Rosary Chain Trim, Turquoise Glass Flowers, Vintage Beads

In the online Ethereal Bangles class by Kristen Robinson that I am taking, the current topic is rosary chain and so I must share another piece of vintage trim, recently acquired for my personal collection, the most amazing rosary chain linked beads I have seen to date.

These are white and turquoise glass flowers and beads, individually wired, capped with aged brass beadcaps.  One of the units broke in transit to me, but the good things about this accident are that 1) I can easily remove the one defective unit and 2) I now feel free to take apart the broken one to see the construction in more detail.

Dating to occupied Germany (1945-1949).  Fabulous.


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