Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Progress Report 2: Ethereal Bangles Online Class with Kristen Robinson

I am still working on the Ethereal Bangles online class offered by Kristen Robinson. I've completed 4/5 bracelets, and I'm still working on the 5th.
I'll show 2 of the completed designs in this post.

I did not purchase a kit - I worked with my own supplies, and I have not yet got around to making any resin charms, so my bracelets are not exactly like what Kristen taught. I do have all the components for the resin, and one of the things I like about this online learning experience is that I can break the steps down just as small as I need to in order to move forward.  Next step is to identify a spot with a 60 watt lamp for the resin to cure undisturbed for 24 hours.

In the meantime, I used my vintage components to complete the bracelets.

The first one is sterling silver wire, hammered, antiqued, and embellished with silk ribbon and a selection of vintage components from my personal stash and from Bumbershoot Supplies. I haven't worn this one yet, but I can say it looks beautiful on my daughter Emma.

The design for this second bracelet involves a half bangle of antiqued sterling silver, finished with vintage rosary chain and charms.  I had to modify this design.  It turns out that I have really large hands and narrow wrists.  As a teenager, I worked in the local dairy in our town, scooping up ice cream cones in the dairy bar. I can scoop 9 double dip cones in one hand. So I need a large bangle to get over my hand, but then because my wrists are fairly narrow, the bangle sits too low on my hand to be comfortable and for daily function.  So for this design, I incorporated a clasp so I could have the bangle be small enough to sit where I wanted on my wrist, but easily go on and off.  Normally I would antique the clasp and jump rings also, but I decided to try out this design modification first, and so this bracelet is really a prototype. I think I will shorten the length of the silver wire also. This modification works really well for me and I love wearing this bracelet! It feels so light, truly "ethereal".


  1. Absolutely truly lovely you have done a FANTASTIC job on these I am just thrilled you enjoyed yourself!

  2. I love your bangles. I took the class too, and I have yet to make ONE bangle. These are beautiful. Great job.

  3. Hi Jules: Thank you for your kind words! I found it challenging to find the time, but I liked the online format since it allowed me maximum flexibility. I still hope to finish the 5th bangle, post photos of the other 2 I've got done and try out resin before January....Ha ha! At least I'm an optimist!