Friday, December 10, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. Vintage Ribbon, Vintage Cabochons, Vintage Rhinestones and More

Are you busy right now?
I know we are!
So it's a short post today, just a few photos of some of the new and beautiful items we have in stock at Bumbershoot Supplies.  We have 3 vintage 1940's moire rayon ribbons just arrived, the one above is the color of Santa's coat.  Below is this lovely burgundy and we also have a deep pink. These are gorgeous soft, supple ribbons, the kind that make you sigh when you pull a length off the spool.  Made by Balley in the 1940's, here in the US.

I am looking at a box of vintage trims that just arrived today, so you can expect to see additional trims, laces and ribbons added to Bumbershoot Supplies over the next week or two, as long as the Seattle weather permits natural light photography :)

I am also looking at a box full of vintage rhinestones, cabochons and glass pearls that are hoping for new homes, and while they are waiting their turn to debut at Bumbershoot Supplies, here are a few that are currently available...

If we can be of any assistance in your holiday projects, please let us know.
We'll be happy to help out in any way we can.
We are shipping daily (except Sundays) through and including Dec 23.
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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