Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bohemian Rose Matrix Glass Cabochons. History and Provenance

These pretty vintage glass cabochons have a history and a story, these are a really cool find. The original packaging calls them rose matrix, but they are more of a salmon color, with brown and white glass that together, makes each cabochon unique and gives them an organic, natural feel.

These arrived in really interesting original packaging, with the applied sticker Bohemia-Germany, the Made in Germany stamp, and the second stamp, "Released by the Joint Boycott Council". With a bit of research, I learned that after the Nazis took power in 1933, there was a wave of boycotts across Europe, eventually reaching the United States. In 1936 in the US, the Jewish Labor Committee and the American Jewish Congress, both bodies already engaged in the boycott process, joined forces and instituted a "Joint Boycott Council". This committee was one of two major organizations in the US spearheading a boycott of Nazi Germany between 1936 and Pearl Harbor in 1941. Of course, boycott efforts became unnecessary when the US entered WWII in 1941.

The original packaging thus allows us to date these cabochons to the period of time when the Joint Boycott Council was active, between 1936 and 1941.

Very pretty and rather unassuming little cabochons, but think of what was going on in the world and Bohemia when glass artisans made these - that's a story...

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  1. In addition to absolutely loving the goodies you sell, I'm a BIG fan of the history and interesting details you're able to research and share. Thank you so much. This is way cool!

  2. I use all vintage components in my jewelry and love knowing the exact history of each piece! Love this post! The more history I know about a piece, the more I love it!

  3. I find that period of history facinating and knowing the backstory on vintage finds is so exciting. All that was going on but people still created beautiful things. Even though it was their job, maybe it helped ease the stress a little. Love this post!

  4. Hi folks, I hear you! I have created a new tag "history and provenance" on the blog to pull together all my articles and information on the provenance and history of our supplies in one place. There are 7 articles so far. Jim will also create a page on our website with the same. This way, it should be easier for you to locate historical information as it becomes available. Look for the label on the right sidebar of the blog "history and provenance" and a page of the same name on our website, The page is here and Jim will load up the articles in the next day or so:
    Best, Sharon