Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Featured Artist: Delight Worthyn of Delight Worthyn Art/wares

It is still grey here in Seattle, we are in suspended animation, still waiting for summer to arrive.  At times like this, when I crave a feeling of lightness and possibility, I just love to visit Delight Worthyn’s shop, Delight Worthyn Art/wares. 

Among her many talents, Delight is a milliner.  Her hats are the most extraordinarily creative blending of old and new, and I’m thrilled that she has been able to use various items from Bumbershoot Supplies in some of her designs.  Here’s what Delight says about her process:

“Years ago I found a how-to sewing book from 1927. It contained the original owners notes. All of my pieces have a nod to vintage style because that is what I love. Something about the workmanship, colors, details, I don't know, clothes were more joyful. My pieces are totally usable but beautiful enough to sit out on a dressing table when not in use.”

Delight has coined the phrase “eco couture millinery”, a term that aptly describes her unique combination of wearable art made from recycled and vintage materials, inspired by vintage fashions and esthetics.

If you visit Delight’s shop, you will find everyday hats, wedding hats and veils, handpainted silk hats, wraps, headpieces, and lavish feathered stick pins for embellishing your own hats.

In Delight’s work, I am transported to a place that is both old and new all at the same time, a place with the vintage vibe I recognize and love, plus a fantastical place of imagination where everything is possible. 

Maybe even summer finally arriving in Seattle…?

I hope you will enjoy a visit to Delight Worthyn Art/wares any time of the year to view Delight’s gorgeous  designs and be inspired by her art of possibility.

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  1. Me thinks the British royal granddaughters would do well to call on Ms. Delight for their next public occasion where hats are expected. While Beatrice graciously auctioned her...umm.... unusual hat for charity, I think Ms Delight's lovely creations are far more in keeping with a young woman's fashion sense.

    Thanks for posting this, Sharon!