Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featured Artist: Rebecca Leonard of Fuchsia Bloom Studio

The natural world is a constant inspiration for my art and balm to my spirit and it is always a joy for me to discover another person who feels the same way.  Even better when they are someone who also loves vintage!  I’m so happy to share with you the designs of Rebecca Leonard of Fuchsia Bloom Studio.

Rebecca named her business Fuchsia Bloom Studio after the beauty of the fuchsia bushes growing wild along Irish roadsides. 
Picture that in your mind…
There are so many beautiful pieces in Rebecca’s shop, it was hard to choose what to share, so I decided to pick some of her flower designs.   We sell a lot of vintage flower components at Bumbershoot Supplies, and I am always interested to see how they are used.
Can a person ever have enough flowers? I don’t think so…
These beautiful pieces reflect Rebecca’s love of color and the beauty and mystery of nature.  Rebecca has been creating artisan jewelry for almost 20 years now . She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in marine illustration, so the mix of nature and art has been part of her life for a long time.
In her words, her designs “…reflect my love of color, nature and my passion for all things vintage.  There is an eclectic mix of styles in my shop-some with an antique feel reflecting my interest in jewelry from the Medieval, Edwardian and Art Nouveau/Deco periods, some reflecting my love of Celtic and mystical things and also those with a funky, artsy vibe.”
In addition to her Etsy shop, there are many opportunities to see Rebecca’s designs in person.  She sells to specialty boutiques and at artisan fairs. Her work can be viewed in shops in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine – see her Etsy shop for all the locations.

I hope you will enjoy a visit to Fuchsia Bloom Studio.  I’m sure you will find much inspiration in Rebecca’s designs, her color sense, and her creative use of vintage components. Plus, until July 18, everything is on sale, so head on over and check it out!


  1. Thanks Sharon for such a wonderful write up! You will be seeing a lot more of my designs featuring your lovely vintage flower beads in future!

  2. Great blog article - Rebecca's jewelry is absolutely stunning!