Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Don't put away those woolies yet! We have had two more days of snow here in Seattle. Of all the winters I've been here (since Nov 91), this one is the coldest, with the most episodes of snow. We haven't had a lot of snow the last two days, not like at Christmas when we were snowbound for 9 days, but it is still cold, cold, cold. A good day for this:

I crocheted this scarf with Noro's Kureyon sock yarn, very simple single and double crochet pattern and to me it looks just like Discovery Park in the fall (I'll post more about Discovery Park later, it is one of Seattle's jewels and I get a lot of inspiration there). I love the fringe, alternating shades of dangling green vintage Japanese crystal beads. Perfect for cold, wet, grey, cold, did I say cold? days - they wink and sparkle like mad. Just like little pine trees, only shiny. I feel warmer just to see them.

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