Friday, February 13, 2009

Seattle Cupcake History

OK, here's something I bet most of you don't know about Seattle. This year is the 150th anniversary of cupcakes in Seattle! Yes, it is true. According to the book Eccentric Seattle, by J. Kingston Pierce, baker Jacob Wibbens baked Seattle's first cupcakes in 1859. Pierce says that Jacob announced "...that each one contained a prize - everything from a 20 cent silver coin up to a $20 gold piece. Within a short time, his stock was gone, 'many people buying more cupcakes than they could eat in three months of Christmas days' according to one account."

Where to get cupcakes in Seattle? We make our own and we also enjoy cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes and Verite Coffee and Cupcake Royale. I'm sure there are more. Any recommendations?

At Bumbershoot Designs, we feel compelled to honor this landmark in Seattle history, so we are going to do two things:
1. eat a lot of cupcakes this year.
2. Make necklaces from these wonderful lampwork beads made by Seattle glass artist Natasha Puffer. Truly the finest cupcake beads I've ever seen. Good enough to eat. Look for them in the shop.

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