Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vintage inspiration

Last night, my daughter and I went to see Gee's Bend at Taproot Theatre. Lucky me, my daughter is a City of Seattle Teen Tix reviewer, so I got to go along with her on her press pass. Some time next week her review will be posted on the Teen Tix blog.

Wow! That's my play review! I am such a fan of these quilters, and was fortunate to see their quilts at the Tacoma Art Museum in 2007. These women are so inspiring on many levels, and the play was very effective at communicating their grace, beauty and strength. After the play, I felt uplifted, like I had found my center again. One of the things I was reminded of is that even in the darkest times, even under the most limited circumstances, it is still possible to create great beauty. The spirit of these women sings from their quilts, all the louder when you understand their history. I am moved in the same way by the beads and other vintage materials I work with. They remind me that even during times of great stress in the world, artisans and craftspeople still moved forward, continued to shine their light.
The play runs through Feb 28, with some of the quilters present after the play on Feb 18 and Feb 21 (the Feb 21 is an additional date, according to our program materials received last night).

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