Friday, August 20, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Designs. Reduced Shipping, New Categories, New Items

I've been busy with some behind-the-scenes administrative tasks at Bumbershoot Designs for a few weeks now.  These activities have kept the listing of new jewelry designs to a minimum, but hopefully they will provide you with an improved shopping experience.

First bit of good news: shipping fees have been reduced for ALL customers, both US and international.  And you will still receive the same quick shipping.  If items are purchased by 10 am Pacific time, Monday through Saturday, they ship the same day. Otherwise, it is the next business day.

Second: I've revised and updated every one of the jewelry titles and URLs to make it easier to find the type of item in which you may be interested.

Third: I've streamlined the categories of designs so you can view multiple types of the same design, for example, earrings, in one place.

Fourth: I've placed additional designs that I am retiring on Sale, you can find them in the Sale category.

Between long hours spent in these various adminstrative activities, I've rewarded myself with a bit of time to design and list a few new items, pictured throughout this post.  You will find these items in Bumbershoot Designs now, with more designs just waiting for photography to be completed. 

I invite you to visit Bumbershoot Designs and see the changes.  Stay tuned, as I begin to load up new designs over the coming week.

Wishing you a great weekend!

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