Friday, August 6, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. 41 More Beautiful Additions to Bumbershoot Supplies in July

There are 41 new products at Bumbershoot Supplies since July 15th! 
A few highlights below...

New vintage buttons: We have been able to obtain more absolutely gorgeous vintage buttons. All glass in this shipment, we have these jet lovelies from West Germany and the charming handpainted bird buttons are vintage Czech....

Vintage Glass Rhinestone Buttons. Gold Crystal Black, Shank, West Germany 10mm but0118 (6)
Vintage Glass Buttons. Bird, Red Blue White, Handpainted Czech 15mm but0116 (4)
Vintage Glass Buttons. Silver Star, Black Faceted Starburst, West Germany, 7/8 inch 22mm but0115pc2 (2)
Plus we have several new and delightful
glass pearl buttons from vintage Japan, including the center buttons which were tagged "Occupied Japan" so we know those date between 1945 and 1952. All of these buttons are in fabulous condition, incredible for vintage glass pearls that are this old. The hank on the left are teeny tiny 6mm shank buttons with pinched tops, we also have these in an 8mm size...
Vintage Glass Pearl Buttons. Ivory Pinched Shank, Japan 6mm but0119 (8)
Vintage Glass Pearl Buttons Beads. Antique Ivory Dimpled, Embedded Wire, Japan 10mm but0117 (6)
Vintage Glass Pearl Buttons. Ivory Hearts, Shank, Japan, 10mm but0121 (6)
We have many new
vintage glass cabochons
in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Here's just a few...
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Mint Green Star, Tiny Dome 5mm gcb0253 (12)
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Black Leaves, Navette, Faceted, 16x13mm gcb0259 (4)
Vintage Glass Cabochon, Jade Flower Carved Effect, 20x18mm Oval gcb0254 (2)
We've also located some really lovely vintage lucite beads. Angelskin beads are now restocked, the black scallop pendants are from West Germany and are double sided, so great for earrings, and the ivory lace beads or embellishments are incredibly delicate and lovely, with a rainbow luster that is like icing on cake...
Vintage Beads. Angelskin Pink Lucite Marbled Rounds 12mm vpb0032 (10)
Vintage Lucite Beads. Scalloped Pendant, Black Teardrop, Faceted, 35x24mm vpb0037 (2)
Vintage Plastic Flower Bead. Filigree Ivory Floral Beadcap, Rainbow, AB 23mm vpb0039 (8)
Our selection of vintage ribbons has expanded. All are from the 1940's...

Vintage Trim. Satin Ribbon, Soft Baby Pink, 1/4 inch, 1940's rib0045 (2 yards)
Vintage Trim. Satin Ribbon, Rosy Taupe Beige, 1/4 inch, 1940's rib0047 (2 yards)
Vintage Trim. Satin Ribbon, Pumpkin Orange, 1/4 inch, 1940's rib0048 (2 yards)
There's also several other items that I'm excited to be able to offer. Is it possible to have too many vintage glass pearls...? I don't think so. The pastel rhinestone chain is also available in jewel tones...
Vintage Rhinestones. Rosaline Peach Pink Teardrop Glass, West Germany, 10x6mm rhs0039 (12)
Vintage Rhinestone Chain, Double Hearts, Pastel Tones, Prong Set Brass, 3mm rhs0042 (1 foot)
Vintage Glass Pearl Beads. Leaves Antique Ivory, Aged, Embedded Wire Loop, Japan vgp0103 (6)
Finally we continue to expand our vintage brass. You will find these in the vintage findings, charms section of
Bumbershoot Supplies.
Vintage Locket. Brass Oval, Patina, 1/2 inch 12x10mm vfd0116 (6)
Vintage Beads. Brass Filigree 10mm Round vfd0121 (8)
Vintage Brass Locket. Ball, Patina, 18mm Round, vfd0122 (6)
I invite you to come on over to Bumbershoot Supplies and have a look at all these new vintage treasures
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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  1. You always have some of the most interesting listings on Etsy, Sharon. Hardly a day goes by that I don't check out Bumbershoot Supplies to what groovy new thing you're offering now!

    M.E. :)