Friday, August 20, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. 30 Gorgeous Additions to Bumbershoot Supplies in August

Since August 2, we have added 30 new products to Bumbershoot Supplies and restocked 8 favorites! 
A few highlights below...

We have many new vintage glass cabochons in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Here's just a few...
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Sapphire Blue Fan, Frosted, Preciosa Czech, 29x21mm gcb0241 (1)
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Gold Deco Sun, Mirror, Czech, 18x14mm gcb0264 (2)
Vintage Glass Cabochon Coral Flower Carved Floral, Japan 25x18mm gcb0261 (2)
We've also located some really lovely vintage lucite beads and vintage celluloid beads. The lovely, flirty 1960's lucite pendants shown in aqua are also available in a peachy pink. Both of these would make great dangles for decorations, as well as their jewelry applications. Vintage lucite rings also have multiple uses and we stock them in 2 sizes of pink plus a pearly white...
Vintage Lucite Rose Pink Pearl Rings, 1960s West Germany, 30mm vpb0016 (6)
Vintage Celluloid Beads. Carved Flower, Pink White Plastic Floral, 12x9mm vpb0043 (8)
Vintage Lucite Beads. Aqua Pendant, Faceted and Flirty Blue, 35x18mm vpb0041 (2)
I just love the wee tiny vintage bits, and I am always impressed by how the smallest bit can add such a special and unique touch to all kinds of mixed media, paper, fiber and jewelry designs. Here are a few of our tiniest treasures...
Vintage Guilloche Flower Cabochons. Pink Green Roses, Tiny Floral, 5x3mm vfd0124 (10)
Vintage Swarovski Rose Montees. Sapphire Blue, Tiny 3mm swa0069 (12)
Vintage Finding. Tiny White Metal Flowers, Enamel and Brass, 6mm vfd0123 (18)
In addition to restocking 4 of our vintage glass beads, plus one of our vintage glass pearls, we've also added the following vintage glass beads. All of our additions, including these shown below, are vintage Japanese from the 1950's to 1960's...
Vintage Glass Bead Drop. Matte Yellow, Butter Soft, Embedded Wire Loop, 7mm vgb0210 (10)
Vintage Glass Bead Drops. Turquoise Wire Looped Headpins, Patina 8mm vgb0214 (10)
Vintage Glass Beads. Peridot Green Strand, Original Tagged Wire, Japan, 2mm vgb0215 (240)
Finally we continue to enjoy finding vintage plastic cabochons. We have added wee celluloid cats from 1950's Japan, tiny blue butterflies from Japan and pearly lucite roses from West Germany. I invite you to visit the vintage plastic cabochons section of Bumbershoot Supplies to check those out. Plus, we have been able to locate some lovely wedgewood green lucite cameos and some resin cameos in pink and tortoiseshell. All of these lovelies are from West Germany (and we have black and white glass ones too)...
Vintage Cameo Cabochons, Green and Ivory, Lucite, Carved Round , 1960's West German, 18mm pcb0071 (4)
Vintage Resin Cameo. Pink White Lady Cab, Plastic Cabochon 18x13mm pcb0143 (6)
Vintage Resin Cameo. Ivory Tortoiseshell Lady Cab, Plastic Cabochon 25x18mm pcb0144 (4)
I invite you to come on over to Bumbershoot Supplies and have a look at all these new vintage treasures
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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