Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Lapis Glass Headpins Featured on Copper Diem Blog

Many thanks to Amy of Copper Diem and Greenbead Designs on Etsy for featuring my vintage lapis glass headpins on her blog.  Click here to see all the beautiful glass headpins on Amy's blog.

These vintage glass headpins are really beautiful examples of old Japanese glass. The glass is mottled periwinkle and cobalt, intended to look like lapis lazuli. There are bits of sparkly aventurine added too - this is subtle, but really pretty when you roll them between your fingers.

Because these headpins were individually made by hand, they vary a bit in size, averaging 6 to 7mm in diameter. The lengths of the wires also vary somewhat, averaging 3/4 inch from the connection with the glass to the end of the wire. There is some patina to some of the wires.  All of these features add to the vintage appeal.  At Bumbershoot Supplies, we also offer vintage glass pearl headpins, shown below with some of our tiny vintage enameled flowers.

Glass tipped wires can be used as headpins or beads. If you decide to turn these into bead drops, with one pair of pliers, hold the headpin securely at the base of the wire near the glass and using a second pair of pliers, turn the loop from the end of the wire in. That way you won't stress the connection. If it is long, you may have to cut the wire first, before turning it.

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