Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Featured Artist. Jeanne van Etten of The Nantucket Mermaid, on Nantucket and Etsy

Tell me, who can resist a shop with the name "The Nantucket Mermaid"?  As the last days of summer wind down, I'm not at all sure I've had enough of the season, so I'm doing what I can to hold onto sunshine and warm weather and beaches for a bit longer. 
 It is with pleasure I go 30 miles out to sea to Nantucket to share with you the work of
Jeanne van Etten, The Nantucket Mermaid in Nantucket and also on Etsy.

I regularly lurk on Jeanne's blog.  I love to see the photos of her shop, which looks like it is absolutely crammed with things I'd love to have :)  I am so inspired by Jeanne - she does everything! She makes jewelry from vintage components, which is how she ended up at Bumbershoot Supplies, and how I came to know of her work.

Look carefully, there are lots of pieces in this cabinet using our vintage Japanese hand painted flower cabochons.

And a bracelet around the stone mermaid's neck using more of the same vintage handpainted flower cabs.

Jeanne also makes dolls....

Beautiful candles and other tempting trinkets for her shop....

And also she paints...

...and paints...

...and paints...

I am in awe of Jeanne's diverse creativity and the hard work I know she must put out in order to stock her shop with her own hand crafted items. It's really inspiring for those of us who like to try different media, and who like to make all kinds of things.

If you are looking for a bit of summer any time, I recommend a visit to Jeanne's blog and Etsy shop. Also, if you contact Jeanne, I'm betting she can get you fixed up with your own bit of Nantucket summer to hold onto.


  1. Thanks a bunch! What a nice post! :)-----<

  2. Jeanne's work is absolutely delightful! I have been a long time fan but up until now I didn't realize she also created such beautiful jewelry. Thanks for sharing!

  3. hooray for Jeanne!