Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giveaway. Vintage Flower Cabochons in a Fabric Collage Bag with Vintage Embellishments

Spring is a great time for a giveaway, especially one all about flowers. 
Read on and please join in! 

The giveaway:
A few weeks ago I was shopping in one of my favorite Seattle antique stores, Antika, where I saw some antique French seed labels, from the 1920's, never used, aged to golden perfection. I made some tags using these labels, you can see them on my blog here and here. I also printed labels onto cloth and made a small bag.

Embellished with some of my hand dyed fabric strips, vintage lace, vintage mother of pearl sequins, a vintage rhinestone earring finding, tied up with French ribbon from 1943, this bag would be a fun way to present a small book, floral soaps, or perhaps a collection of seed packets to a gardener friend.

BUT,  I'd prefer to give it to one of you. I am giving away this bag, and it is not empty!

Tucked inside are a selection of vintage Japanese celluloid and plastic hand painted cabochons from Bumbershoot Supplies, plus some from my personal collection. There are small flowers and animals, dating from the late 1940's through the 1960's, perfect for a multitude of artistic and creative endeavors and projects. There are 34 pieces in all!

How to join in:
Just leave a message here letting me know of your interest. Make sure I receive your comment before 9 pm Pacific time on Sunday April 4. We'll draw randomly on April 5 for the bag with the flower cabs and post the winner here on the blog. International participants are welcome!


  1. Wow! What a treasure--count me in! Thank you for your generosity! Susan W.

  2. Adorable bag and fabulous cabachons! I'd love to have my name entered in the drawing.

  3. Oh, I'm certainly interested. Cabachons are always wonderful material to test my creativity. I can already think of a few different ways to use them... would need some wire, and a visit to the scrap bucket, yes...

  4. Incredible!
    Please count me in.


  6. I would like to win this lovely bag!

  7. Oh, so, so pretty, Sharon! Sigh......... What a wonderful way to bring new life to those beautiful old seed packets! Even without the nifty goodies, the bag would be an incredible prize!

    M.E. :)

  8. Sharon,

    Are the celluloid cabs the kind that flex? I love them.

    Nice contest.


  9. Hi Diego, It's a mix, some are that old celluloid plastic that is a bit pliable, and others are a firmer lucite-like plastic (1960's). Different qualities and ages, all lovely! ~Sharon

  10. Hello Sharon,
    I love French seed labels and cabochons, of course. Count me in.

    Best wishes,
    Anne at PlumCreek22

  11. Hello Sharon,
    Beautiful pieces!
    Just received some wonderful Japanese beads from Bumbershoot, & all of this would be the icing on the cake:)
    Great giveaway!
    MMS @ Stork Vintage

  12. Oh wow! I just found you via your Etsy shop and so I scooted on over!!I would love to be entered in this giveaway!!!What wonderful pieces you offering here. And I love the little bag:D

  13. oh i want it all Sharon....the bag is so cute! and the filling...adorable...can you imagine all the fun I'd have using this stuff!

    I have yet to use my purchases, but the thread just looks too cute in the tiny little roll....if I use it then it will be gone! I have a complex! lol

    pick me,, pick me!!!! thanks for telling me, yipeee!!!

    also, when I do finally get around to using your 'goods', I'll be sure to let you know...I love that you showcase the use of your supplies! that's wonderful!

    ciao bella
    thanks for coming by...
    and just one last tiny, enie weenie thought...

    P I C K M E ! ! !

  14. omg these are to die for, I love love those colors, what an awesome find! so generous to share them plz plz plz I want them. Thanx Ronda

  15. omg just noticed the date lmbo just 4 years too late how funny is that! I still want them lol