Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello Dolly. Mixed Media Monday

These are my pieces for this week's challenge of Hello Dolly, on Mixed Media Monday.  We watch A LOT of old movies and I knew I wanted to focus on the movie "Hello Dolly".  There are some wonderful hats in that movie. I love vintage hats, and I wanted to incorporate vintage hats into my piece somehow.

Then I remembered the set of 4 ink sketches I purchased at a local antique store...

The sketches were on heavy watercolor paper, pretty much already ATC size.  Not all have hats, but I thought you'd like to see them all, and I encourage you to enlarge them, the facial detail is so lovely.

I embellished them simply, with the goal of enhancing and extending, but keeping true to the spirit of the original artist and his or her subjects.


  1. These look very much like Harrison Fisher's American Beauties. Were they signed? Anyway, they're beautiful!

  2. Hi Bev, Thanks for looking. All were unsigned, and yes, very lovely!

  3. Gosh these are beautiful.
    Fantastic work.

  4. They're wonderful and you've enhanced your treasured sketches beautifully!!


  5. Oh wow these really are gorgeous.

  6. These are beautiful ATC's - each and every one of them! Diane