Friday, April 30, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. Vintage Buttons and Handpainted Flower Cabochons Continued

This week at Bumbershoot Supplies, I continue to list more vintage buttons and vintage handpainted Japanese plastic cabochons from a large order that recently arrived.  Here are a few of the new items....
In buttons: Some gorgeous vintage mother of pearl from Japan, about 60 years old...

In cabochons: puppies, cherries, sweet peas, orchids, the biggest long stem roses I've ever seen, plus daisies in two types.  Sweet peas and one of the daisies shown below...

And in this delightful combination of both button and cabochon, these vintage buttons with metal loop shanks, made from vintage plastic cabochons.

Plus these great ladybug buttons, for which I also have cabs available.

You will find all the vintage handpainted Japanese cabochons in the "vintage plastic cabochons" section of Bumbershoot Supplies.  Buttons are located in the "vintage buttons" section.  I hope you enjoy these vintage treasures.

Best wishes for a great weekend!

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