Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Featured Artist. Stephanie Wright of September Mornings on Etsy

Funny thing how I find artists to feature on this blog.  The way I found Stephanie Wright of September Mornings on Etsy was through her shop name, "September Mornings".  She purchased some vintage glass cabochons and vintage beads from Bumbershoot Supplies and that phrase, September Mornings, rolled around in my thoughts for a while. I found it so evocative, calling up that quiet sweetness, the soft promise that is present in early fall mornings... Well, you have to follow your instincts, so I clicked on over to her shop and checked it out. 

I am so glad I did! The way in which Stephanie uses vintage materials in her designs is truly inspiring. 

Her designs use a collaged, layered approach, and each piece is full of tiny vintage treasures, carefully selected and composed.  When I look at Stephanie's designs, I long to touch and handle each piece, to get a close up view of the tiny bits and baubles she has presented in such pleasing and creative arrangements. 

This is jewelry that tells a story, in a quiet sweet way, like September mornings.

Stephanie recently added some new designs using vintage glass pearl twisted leaves from Bumbershoot Supplies. I love how these old glass pearls work in these pieces, they integrate so well with the other vintage components.

If anyone is listening (you know who you are) anything you see in this blog post is now officially added to my Christmas wish list...

I hope you will visit Stephanie at September Mornings. You will certainly be inspired and treated to gorgeous pieces, beautifully photographed. Many of Stephanie's designs are one of a kind, so who knows, you may even find one with a story meant just for you. 

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