Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One of My Favorite Jewelry Designs from One of My Very Favorite Artists

This is one of my favorite designs from one of my very favorite artists.  I love this necklace because of its clean simplicity and use of natural materials.  Mostly I love it because of the love that is in it.  My daughter Emma made this for me when she was 4. 

She's now 16, a freshman college student, a very talented actor, an artist with a fabulous design sense and a natural flair, and oh-so-lucky for me, someone who shares my love of all that is vintage.   She asked why I had this necklace out, wondered if I was going to "take it apart".  I guess I do that a lot :)  No, my darling girl, this one is all about love, giving love, receiving love, sharing love. This one stays together always.


  1. This made me tear up a little. Very sweet. <3

  2. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing the love! :)

  3. What a beautiful and touching story! I think it’s so sweet that your most favorite necklace was made by your daughter. I think its simplicity makes it so pretty, but the effort she put into it makes it truly beautiful. This just proves that with a practiced hand, jewelry doesn’t have to be sparkly or full of gems to be precious.