Saturday, October 2, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. 55 Gorgeous Vintage Beads, Vintage Rhinestones, Vintage Cabochons, Settings, and More!

Since September 15, we have added 55 new items and restocked 3 at Bumbershoot Supplies! So much vintage goodness! 
I hope you will find an item or two that inspire you.

We are supplementing our vintage settings with a special selection of antiqued brass glue in and prong settings for vintage rhinestones and vintage cabochons, I've shown just a few below, see the settings, bezels, chain section of Bumbershoot Supplies for more.  We are awaiting additional settings, both glue in and prong, which are being manufactured and antiqued for us.  These are in production currently and I look forward to adding them to Bumbershoot Supplies later in October.  In addition, we will continue to stock as many quality vintage settings as we can find...
Antiqued Brass Vintage Style Setting Bezel for 18x13mm Cabochon set0028 (4)
Antiqued Brass Oval Rhinestone Setting, Vintage Style Pronged 18x13mm, 1 Ring set0033 (4)
Antiqued Brass Vintage Style Setting Lace Bezel for 18mm Cabochon set0027 (4)

Of course, we have some glorious vintage rhinestones to go into the pronged settings...
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewel. Golden Topaz Oval Faceted Foiled 18x13mm rhs0051 (4)
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewel. Madeira Topaz Octagon Faceted Foiled 18x13mm rhs0055 (4)
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewel. Emerald Green Oval Faceted Foiled 18x13mm rhs0053 (4))

And some new vintage glass cabochons also...
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Rose Pink Pear Magnifying Teardrop Transparent Bombe 18x13mm gcb0288 (2)
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Fire Opal Harlequin Czech, 18x13mm gcb0278 (2)
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Sapphire Blue Reflector, Round 12mm gcb0274 (6)

Some really lovely vintage glass beads have made their way onto the virtual shelves of Bumbershoot Supplies recently, including these big glorious vintage glass teardrops, and two lovely selections from vintage Japan, tiny silver mercury beads, and these gorgeous vintage hand beaded balls...
Vintage Glass Beads. Clear Sapphire Blue Teardrops Transparent 18x10mm vgb0221 (6)
Vintage Glass Beads, Silver Mercury Rounds 5mm Japan vgb0225 (24)
Vintage Glass Bead Drops. Jet Black Balls Charms Sewn Loops Japan vgb0229 (4)

There are many more delightful vintage additions at Bumbershoot Supplies, including ribbons, charms, vintage silvery lucite beads, and some lovely Swarovski crystal cabochons, here's just a few more of our new additions.  The pearl buttons are vintage Japan, available in 2 sizes, the sequins are 1930's vintage French, and the flower resin cabs are really delicate and lovely (settings to fit these wee cabochons are being made for us as I write this)...
Vintage Glass Pearl Buttons. Classic Ivory Shank, Japan 10mm but0123 (8)
Vintage French Metal Sequins, Silver Round 11mm 1930s sqs0020 (30)
Vintage Plastic Flower Cabochon. Ivory Green Carved Resin Oval 8x6mm pcb0154 (8)
I invite you to come on over to Bumbershoot Supplies and have a look at all these new vintage treasures
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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