Saturday, October 16, 2010

New at Bumbershoot Supplies. 38 New Vintage Beads, Cabochons, Rhinestones, and More Since October 15

Since October 1, we have added 38 new items and restocked 5 at Bumbershoot Supplies. Here are some of our new items...

We are still awaiting our pronged and glue in settings and bezels for our vintage cabochons and rhinestones. They are at the plater now, being antiqued and sealed, so it won't be long. In anticipation, we've added some more lovely vintage glass rhinestones to go into the pronged settings. The crystal ones in the center are from 1940's occupied Germany, and I was so taken with these stones that I immediately made a pair of earrings using our antiqued brass settings. I've included a photo of my earrings in the listing...
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewel. Rose Pink Fancy Pear Teardrop Faceted Foiled 18x13mm rhs0060 (2))
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewels. Crystal Octagon 18x13mm, 1940s West Germany rhs0063 (4)
Vintage Glass Rhinestone Jewel. Sapphire Blue Oval 12x10mm Czech rhs0069 (6)
We have some new vintage glass cabochons in all shapes and sizes.  If you like the beauty and usefulness of the tiny glass cabochons (they are so wonderful for jewelry and mixed media layering and collage), the green baguettes are very petite and are also available in ruby red.  Plus we've found some of the loveliest tiny white glass pearl cabochons (not shown), these gorgeous aqua leaves, and the incredible salmon matrix cabs shown to the right.  Even if matrix glass is not your thing, these glass cabs came with an incredible history and story that you may find interesting.  We are able to date these to between 1936 to 1941.  Intrigued? The history of these cabochons is written into the listing, I invite you to visit Bumbershoot Supplies to learn more about these cabochons...
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Emerald Green Baguette Foiled Tiny Czech, 5x2.5mm gcb0266 (24)
Vintage Glass Cabochon. Aqua Blue Leaves Floral Foiled 14x10mm gcb0296 (4)
Vintage Glass Cabochons. Coral Rose Matrix Bohemia 11mm Rounds gcb0295 (4)
More really lovely vintage glass beads have been added to our collection, including these wonderful large garnet ruby nailheads, very old Czech.  I think these could be used as cabochons too.  The light coming through these beads is incredible.  We have been able to restock the wonderful vintage Japanese coral swirl beads, but only in a limited amount.  And I find there is just something so vintage about the color montana sapphire.  It's really pretty in the beads on the right, mixed with crystal glass, giving the beads a sense of movement, kind of like the stormy fall skies we are starting to see...
Vintage Glass Beads. Garnet Ruby Nailheads Cabochons Rivoli Faceted 10mm vgb0232
Vintage Glass Beads. Coral Swirl, Brass Caps, Wire Loops, 10mm vgb0178 (8)
Vintage Glass Beads. Montana Sapphire Blue Crystal Czech Faceted 10mm vgb0222 (8)
Finally, a few more items that I hope you find interesting and inspiring.  I was sold these vintage ivory piano keys as "woodwind reeds".  When I opened the package I knew exactly what they were since we are fortunate enough to own Jim's mom's vintage Steinway.  These antique piano keys would make wonderful pendants and found objects for incorporating into jewelry and mixed media designs.  I have both heads and tails, just the heads are shown below.  These can only be shipped within the US, due to customs laws. The buttons, however, can be shipped anywhere :) These were a surprise I didn't know I had.  I was looking for more of our vintage glass mirrored heart buttons, opened up a box and found these beauties from 1940's occupied Germany.  They had been sent by mistake several months ago.  I usually don't open all the button boxes right away when we receive them. I like to prolong the thrill of being the first person to open boxes that were last sealed in the 1940's. What a wonderful surprise! These are available loose in lots of 2, or as full cards.
Vintage Ivory Piano Key Heads. Blanks, Antique Aged Patina eph0011 (1)
Vintage Glass Buttons. Mirrored Squares Foiled, Shanks, West Germany 1940s but0125 (2)
Vintage Glass Buttons. Mirrored Squares Foiled, Shanks, West Germany 1940s but0125pc12 (12)
I invite you to come on over to Bumbershoot Supplies and have a look at all these new vintage treasures
Until next time, wishing you a great weekend!

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