Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured Artist. Karin Vergoossen of One of a Kind Jewelry Design on Etsy

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Spring, and that means the flowers are returning. In the spirit of Spring, it is with pleasure I share with you Karin Vergoossen's art and designs, found at her Etsy shop, One of a Kind Jewelry Design. 

Karin creates beautiful jewelry designs, many of them in the collage style with vintage components. She’s inspired by many things, including nature, local markets, vintage pieces and shops, and many of her designs feature flowers.

Karin began crafting her own jewelry years ago and eventually opened her own Etsy shop because “I started making pieces on request and discovered the great feeling of making someone happy with something I created. And I can tell you, if you once have felt that, you wanna feel it over and over again!” 

I love Karin’s collage jewelry pieces because it is always inspiring to me to see how individual cabochons, rhinestones, metal and other baubles come together and are elevated into a greater whole.

I often visit Karin's shop, just to see what new vintage treasures Karin has obtained and how she is working with them in her designs. 

I hope you will enjoy a visit to Karin’s shop, One of a Kind Jewelry Design. If you are still waiting for Spring to finally arrive, or if you just need a vintage flower fix, you will find it there! Perhaps you will even be tempted to take home a bouquet...

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