Friday, April 29, 2011

New at Bumbershoot Designs. New Nature Themed Designs With Vintage Rhinestones, Lockets, Vintage Beads

Here's a look at some of the designs that have made their way into Bumbershoot Designs over the last week.
This vintage rhinestone necklace features 1950's West German cuba glass rhinestones, 2 tone with rose and topaz glass, just a lovely combination. Like roses and honey.

I found these wonderful vintage brass earring posts, a perfect complement to the flowers and leaves in the necklace.

We have had so much rain in Seattle this spring, I was inspired to make this raindrop necklace with vintage bombe style rhinestones from 1960's West Germany. These have high smooth domes and look just like the big drops of rain I have been watching outside my studio window every day for weeks.

Matching earrings for this necklace too, making a demi parure. Both the rhinestones and settings are available at Bumbershoot Supplies.

For this necklace I antiqued a petite brass locket from Bumbershoot Supplies, and adorned it with a vintage glass decal flower cabochon, also from Bumbershoot Supplies. The flower charm features a 1930's vintage glass pearl stamen within a shabby enameled metal flower.

And finally in celebration of the Spring that has finally arrived in Seattle, I have put together this ivory- sage-peridot-milky jade, shades of spring green vintage charm bracelet. Some of my favorite colors and floral themes, all in one place, with 2 different earring designs available to match.

Until next time, wishing you a happy and creative weekend!

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  1. Every little treasure is beautiful. The colors are scrumptious!!